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Leagues are activities on a specific day recurring every week for 6 weeks including 1 rainout week and a Tournament/Championship Week at the end for teams that qualify. We run 5 seasons of leagues per year. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Holiday.

Our system manages payments for you and we require all your players to sign up either way. Steps below.

  1. Team Captain signs up the team and pays the Captain’s Deposit plus the player fee.
    • Normally the deposit is only automatically refunded if your team hits the minimum paid by the final team deadline. The deposit is not refunded if:
      • Your team has been holding a spot in a league which was full and then backs out within a week of the deadline
      • Your team backs out after the schedules have been made which is usually a week before the league starts
  2. Team Captain invites all players to the team through the system via email addresses or name if they already have an account
  3. Each player receives an email invite, signs up and pays individually for the team via invite to their email OR by signing in and going to the My Teams page
  4. Players need to sign up using the email in which the team captain used to send the invite in step 2 above
  5. Once the team hits the minimum roster size, the Captain’s Deposit is automatically refunded to the team captain
  • The disadvantages of charging per team
    • Leaves the financial burden entirely on one person, the team captain.
    • Makes it difficult to get the proper colored shirts and sizes to the right players/teams.
  • The advantages of charging per person
    • Gives us all player’s information so we can notify everyone when there are rainouts or changes and it’s not the team captain’s sole responsibility to pass this information along.
    • Allows our system to collect a waiver from each player which we need for liability reasons
    • Helps keep teammates accountable and make sure they’re coming to their scheduled games every week
    • KC Crew pays insurance per player, rather than per team for liability reasons
    • Our software makes the process very simple, explained under “How does signing up a team work?”

We have several levels of competition available. Social leagues are for casual players that are new to the sport. Recreational players have played before but don’t take the competition too seriously. Intermediate players are mostly players with high school level experience in that sport. Competitive players are very high level competitors, mostly composed of former college players.

Some of our leagues are officiated, some are not. It depends on location and sport, the league descriptions are specific about whether or not there will be officials.

We have CoEd, Mixed, Men’s and Women’s leagues available. CoEd means that there is a minimum number of Women required on the roster. Mixed means that there are no rules about gender whatsoever in the league. Players are encouraged to register with either their self-identified gender or the gender of which they are most comfortable matching up against during a game.

The team captain has until the Team Deadline to register the team. The players have until game time of Week 1 to pay their registration fee. 

Team Deposit Refund Policy (3+ player sports)

1. If your team meets the minimum roster size by your 1st game, the full team deposit will be refunded. If the full roster size is not met or it is met after the 1st game, the team deposit is not refunded.
2. If your team is short 1 of the minimum requirement for roster size, the team can play all games with no forfeit penalty.
3. If your team is short 2 or more of the minimum requirement for roster size, games can be played but scores will be forfeited until the team is only short 1 roster spot.
4. If a player has not paid, they are not allowed to pay. You can only have subs if you have a fully paid roster

Team Deposit Refund Policy (2 player sports):

1. If your team meets the minimum roster size by your 1st game, the full team deposit will be refunded. If the full roster size is not met or it is met after the 1st game, the team deposit is not refunded.
2. If your team is short 1 roster spot, games can be played but scores will be forfeited until the team has 2 paid participants on the roster.
3. If 3 games have been played and the team is still short 1 roster spot, the team will be removed from the league, no refunds are given.


All sports except basketball have the option to purchase a shirt every season, but they are not required. Shirts must be purchased before the shirt deadline, as we only do 1 shirt order a season. We ask that all teams where the same color shirt.

For basketball leagues, we pennies provided by that you can wear if your t-shirt colors do not match or have numbers on them. Our jerseys are washed daily.

Currently, subs are allowed to play for free. If they are going to play on your team more than twice per season they need to be invited to your roster and paid through the system. Subs will need to fill out a substitute player waiver form before they play. It would also be helpful if the substitute player wore a similar color shirt during competition.

The top teams in the league qualify for the tournament. The number of teams that qualify varies from sport to sport and is listed at the bottom of your schedule. The tournament happens in one night. 

In the event of COVID-19 or in an unforeseen circumstance, KC Crew reserves the right to transfer your payment to a credit for a future league without the option for a refund.


A Free Agent is someone who doesn’t have enough players to form a team and would like to be drafted onto a team to pay and play every week in a league.

A Sub is a player who can’t commit to playing every week but would like to be invited on an as-needed basis.

Not only do you get to play in a league and enjoy the specials at Weekly Sponsors, but it’s a great way to meet new people and have a blast.

There is no cost to be a Free Agent until you are invited to a team, then it will cost to join that league. There is no cost to be a Sub at this time.

There are 3 options as a Free Agent from our Free Agent page on the website.
  1. Be a Free Agent
    • You can sign up as a free agent and wait to be drafted by a team captain. Team Captains will message you through the system if they need an additional player for their team.
  2. Join a Team
    • Go to the Free Agent Join a Team page and join a free agent team that needs players. This is the quickest way to guarantee you get on a team.
  3. Create a Free Agent Team
    • Create a team which is public and then you can invite other free agents through the system and since it’s public, free agents can join just by going to the Join Team page.
Get prepared to make some awesome friends! If the team fills up then we will ask one of the Free Agents to step up to be a Team Captain. Team Captains make sure that your team will have enough players each week and will help find subs if you don’t have enough people. If your team does not have a captain, you run the risk of not having enough players each week and having to forfeit.

Weather and MAKEUP policy

Unless you hear from us, games are on!

  • We will email all participants
  • A banner is posted at the top of the leagues page
  • We will update the schedule
  • We do our best to make a decision by 4pm on the day of

We are constantly monitoring the weather and we always email if we cancel games or make changes so IF YOU DON’T HEAR FROM US, GAMES ARE ON.

We try not to cancel outdoor leagues for cold weather (unless it is below 32 degrees including windchill) because if we end up having a couple of rainout weeks, then we won’t have enough makeup days to make sure you get all your games.

We do our absolute best to give you a minimum of one hour’s notice. If the weather changes unexpectedly we will also text or call the team captain in addition to an email to every player on the team. Finally, a banner message will be posted on our website.

If a game gets rained out during the game, if more than half has been played it will count as the full game. If not, every effort will be made to have it be rescheduled.

CONTACT US. If we have enough notice, we will do our best o find a solution. 
Call/Text: 816-812-1829 (leave a message if you call)
Email: leagues@kccrew.com

If the actual temperature is hotter than 100 degrees or colder than 32 degrees by the start of leagues, leagues will be canceled. We will make this call 2 hours before leagues start and send out an email to everyone playing that night. This is for outdoor leagues only.

Typically we allow for one makeup week for every season but in the Spring, we do plan for more rain, so there are 2 rainout weeks allocated at the end of the season. 

If there are more makeups needed than are built into the schedule, KC Crew will try to find time to make it up, but it is not guaranteed because our seasons are back-to-back and sometimes there is not enough time for additional makeups.

  • Cheifs AFC Championship game
  • Super Bowl
  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day weekend – Friday thru Monday
  • 4th of July weekend – Friday thru Monday
  • Labor Day weekend – Friday thru Monday
  • Royals World Series games
  • Thanksgiving Week – Monday thru Sunday


A team has until 10 minutes after the start of game time to show up with the minimum amount of players or a forfeit is recorded.

We also understand stuff happens, and sometimes it isn’t possible to field your whole squad. If your team needs to forfeit please contact us by email, phone or text, so we can contact the other team and possibly find an opponent to play for you just for fun so the other team doesn’t miss a game.

We make every effort to get a game in with remaining players so a game can still be played for fun, but it is still considered a forfeit and the other team will “win” that game. An appropriate score is recorded depending on the sport.
  • Sports with points, runs, or goals are recorded as an average of their past recorded scores.
    • For example, if your team has played 2 games and scored a total of 20 runs between the 2 games your forfeit recorded score would be 10.
  • Sports with games are recorded as 3 to 0 or 5 to 0 depending on how many games that sport schedules.

Yes, but this needs to be cleared by the KC Crew staff before the game and both teams must make a verbal acknowledgment that the score will stand.

You must verify with both teams that they understand the game is a forfeit. The team not forfeiting is the winner and this game will be played just for fun, un-officiated.